Genome Society Honors Mizzou Grad Student


A doctoral student at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine received two prestigious awards from the International Mammalian Genome Society (IMGS). The IMGS is a professional scientific organization that promotes and coordinates the genetic and genomic study of mammals.

Jake Moskowitz, DVM, and graduate student in the Comparative Medicine Program, won the Lorraine Flaherty Award in recognition of his outstanding student presentation. Flaherty was a geneticist and professor of biomedical sciences who focused her career on the mouse as a model system for human disease.

Moskowitz, whose faculty mentor is James Amos-Landgraf, PhD, also received the Verne Chapman Young Scientist award, the highest honor given to a trainee or postdoctoral student by the IMGS. The award makes him a member of the society’s governing secretariat for two years, and includes two international trips to those meetings, along with a cash award. Chapman was a leading mammalian geneticist whose work led to the development of chromosome maps of laboratory mice, considered a crucial step in identifying and analyzing the molecular defects often associated with cancer. Chapman was a cofounder of IMGS.