James Amos-Landgraf, PhD

Assistant professor

Dept. of Veterinary Pathobiology, University of Missouri-Columbia

Dr. Amos-Landgraf received his PhD in Genetics from Case Western Reserve University in 2004 studying the genetic control of X-inactivation in human populations. He did his postdoctoral training in Cancer Genetics in the laboratory of William Dove at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he was also an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Research Fellow. He has extensive experience in the generation and phenotypic and molecular characterization of transgenic and knockout mouse and rat disease models, including epigenetic regulation of gene expression. He is also an investigator with the MMRRC and RRRC at the University of Missouri.

<a href="https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_Amos-Landgraf">James M Amos-Landgraf on ResearchGate</a>


Jake Moskowitz, DVM

Graduate Student

Comparative Medicine Program (CMP)

Jake was born and raised in Baltimore, MD before receiving his B.A. in Biology from Case Western Reserve University. During his undergraduate, Jake worked in biochemistry and genetics-focused labs where he developed a strong interest in biomedical research. He also developed an interest in veterinary medicine after working with several farm species during a semester abroad in Scotland. Jake then pursued his D.V.M. at University of Missouri-Coumbia. Maintaining his keen interest in biomedical research, Jake participated in the Veterinary Research Scholars Program and became involved in an epigenetics project. In addition to his academic interests, Jake is a wilderness backpacking enthusiast, enjoys skiing and attending live jam and bluegrass concerts.


Susheel Bhanu Busi, MS

Graduate Student

Molecular Pathogenesis & Therapeutics (MPT) Program

Susheel joined the research program at University of Missouri-Columbia after completing his Master's degree in Biomedical Science from Hood College in Frederick, MD. Prior to that, he completed his B.S. in Microbiology from Madras Christian College, Chennai, India. Following graduation and working briefly at Google Inc., during his Master's research Susheel worked in a small business that manufactured probiotic supplements.  He is currently working on the rat model of colon cancer (Pirc) to delineate the role of the complex gut microbiota in affecting colon cancer susceptibility.


Former Lab Members


Sarah Hansen, DVM,MS

Graduate Student

Comparative Medicine Program (CMP)

Sarah graduated from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. Following a year in private small animal practice with shelter medicine work, she started at the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center as an emergency veterinarian. In 2012, she joined the CMP residency training program which she completed prior to joining the faculty in the program. Sarah's clinical background has prepared her well for the surgical and medical challenges of working with research animals. She greatly enjoys working with pigs in a research setting. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling as much as possible and exploring Missouri.


Taybor Parker, BS

Lab Manager

Dept. of Veterinary Pathobiology

Taybor graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a Bachelors of Science, majoring in Biology in 2013. He is originally from Joplin, Missouri and joined the team as the lab manager/technician. Currently, Taybor is pursuing his doctoral degree at University of Kansas in the department of Molecular Biosciences. He is now a member of Dr. Neufeld's lab where they study intestinal cancer using a mouse model lacking the localization signal of Apc. Apart from his research, Taybor loves the outdoors, enjoying running and hiking.


Casandra Jacobs

Veterinary Medicine Student

University of Missouri-Columbia

Casandra is originally from Wisconsin and will be graduating in with her D.V.M. in May 2016. Starting in June, she will do a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery in Athens, Georgia. Casandra plans on pursuing a residency in either small animal internal medicine or cardiology. She has a special interest in zoological medicine, where she plans to remain involved in throughout her training, and thereafter in both a clinical and a research setting.


Elizabeth Farnan

Veterinary Medicine Student

University of Missouri-Columbia