Understanding Colorectal Cancer:

Genetics, Epigenetics, and Metagenomics

Our Interests

The Amos-Landgraf lab works to better understand the natural progression of colon cancer. By understanding the beginning of disease we can better find therapeutic targets and prevention strategies. We use animal model systems to follow the natural progression of the disease and develop better methods for early detection and prevention.  We are affiliated with the NIH funded Rat and Mouse Resource and Research Centers and partner with the National Swine Resource and Research Center, all here at MU. We are also developing methods for early detection through enhanced colonoscopy, through partnerships with researchers at the MU school of Veterinary Medicine, the Truman VA medical center, and commercial entities. In partnership with the MU Metagenomics center we are developing novel strategies for probiotic prevention and biomarker identification of at risk populations. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce or eliminate deaths due to colon cancer through the development of early detection and prevention strategies.